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Once we are hired as an assistant things can get difficult really quickly. As a tattoo artist hires us they are immediately ready to just get back to tattooing and they really don't take into account what it takes to actually train you. They don't realize the amount of time they are going to need to arrange for that to happen. It is unfortunate that some if not most of us learn minimal things about the tattoo artist, and how they operate, and the rest of it we just have to figure out the rest on our own. Whether you are a first-time assistant needing to be trained or you are an experienced assistant looking to up your game in the tattoo world I am here to help! 

Stack of Books

Stage 1 

Stage 1 is all about going back to the basics with proper email etiquette and how to speak to clients. This stage will also help you learn how to go above and beyond for the client.  Entry-level social media skills and how to create to organize the office and revamp procedures. 


Stage 2 

Stage 2 includes everything from stage 1  but also includes how to advance position by going digital and learning how to create proper pathways for clients to contact and make appointments. Getting familiar with freelance software and eliminating the need for paper stacks. This stage will also help with creating a safe space for clients and eliminate a lot of stress that goes with being overworked. 

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Stage 3 

Stage 3 includes all of stage 1 and stage 2 but will also include a 2-week in-person training. This training would include me personally flying down to your location and teaching you the basics of how to run the front desk, answer emails etc.


This package does require the approval of the shop owner. 

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