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Hey! I am Erica Chandler founder of Chandler Admin Services. 

If you are sitting here reading and questioning how you can improve as an assistant for your tattoo artist I completely get it! I've been here you are. When I started working with tattoo artists I was practically thrown to the wolves and had to figure alot of things out on my own. I made many mistakes and I do mean MANY! 

Before this I didnt know much about working in the tattoo world. I was a corporate Human Resources Manager and I never felt fulfilled in what I had my hands in. I was working 50+ hours a week sometimes more depending on the month or week. 

I graduated with a B.A in Human Resources Management and many years of experience working in client services. I focused a lot of my time in organization and planning but all I knew is I wanted to work for myself. 

May of 2020 My husband frantically came to me and told me that he needs some serious help in organization and to set up a way for just an easier way of life as a tattoo artist. 

Quickly after helping my husband I realized that I found my passion and I've been working in the industry since. I am now opening up my doors to help other assistant be the badass they truly are and really step their game up and help them be the assistant each tattoo artist needs.

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